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All of the latest advice, tips and useful information about your car maintenance questions. Keep your Lexus, Acura or import in the most optimal condition.

Oil Change Intervals

Oil change intervals in this environment can easily be as often as 3,000 – 4,000 miles, regardless of manufacturer’s official policies. The bottom line is: Check your oil, and if it is dark and opaque (i.e.: you can’t see through a drop placed on a reflective surface), it’s dirty enough and needs to be changed….


Choosing New Tires

Tires Tires are like shoes – there’s a world of options out there. Similarly, you no longer ask for a “shoe” or a “beer” (a 2009 New Yorker magazine has a cartoon showing a bewildered citizen looking at an extensive rack of shoes. One section is shoes for blogging). You can and must choose tires for…


Vehicle Noises

Noises There are many different kinds of noises: “click”, “rattle”, “clunk”, “squeal”, “knock”, etc. These are items in a precise technical vocabulary; a lexicon developed over long ages of craft work, from the first wheel to the Space Shuttle. Some of the most common car noises include a gradual increase in a clicking noise. This…