Oil Change Intervals

Mechanic working under the hood of a car

Oil change intervals in this environment can easily be as often as 3,000 – 4,000 miles, regardless of manufacturer’s official policies.

The bottom line is: Check your oil, and if it is dark and opaque (i.e.: you can’t see through a drop placed on a reflective surface), it’s dirty enough and needs to be changed. Period.

Under controlled laboratory conditions, the default oil-lamp-indication of a ~15,000 interval might be OK, but on the road in New Mexico, it’s definitely going to be a lot less.

Oil molecules are basically eternal, but the oil additives do get used up and it will get dirty from all the dust in the air here – even with the best of air filters, which are also frequent replacement items. Expect your air filter to need replacement as often as your oil and its filter.

To be on the safe side, plan on changing your fuel filter every couple of years and using a high-grade fuel injector cleaner every now and then (we have several varieties in stock). Fuel frequently becomes dirty and your fuel system must be surgically clean in order to function properly. With a cleaned-up fuel system, your mileage, overall response, reliability, and ease of diagnosis for any other fuel-injection related problems will improve!

As previously mentioned, time permitting, whatever other specific requests you might have, we will do a complete service and safety inspection on your vehicle, checking your brakes, battery, steering, belts, hoses, tire condition and air, external lights functions, accessible fluids, wiper/washer function, etc. at no charge. Get in touch with us today!