Vehicle Noises


There are many different kinds of noises: “click”, “rattle”, “clunk”, “squeal”, “knock”, etc. These are items in a precise technical vocabulary; a lexicon developed over long ages of craft work, from the first wheel to the Space Shuttle.

Some of the most common car noises include a gradual increase in a clicking noise. This can be a failing CV (constant velocity) joint which either needs to have the whole axle assembly replaced or the outer CV joint itself. Most of the time this is due to old age of the torn boot.

A rattling noise might indicate a damaged heat shield. This means it’s time to replace the heat shield. You would be able to hear this rattle when the car is idling.

A loud, high-pitched squeal could be belts that need adjusting or replacing.

Is your car experiencing a noise? Give us a call and do your best to describe the sound. Try and be precise, please, but casual slang is frequently much better than a pointless attempt to be technical.